I’m having trouble logging in, how can I address this issue?

Passwords are case-sensitive. Please type in your password exactly as it is sent to your email address.

Login issues are most often due to existing cookies on your computer. First delete your history and your cookies and then try logging in again. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us through ‘ask a question’ and we will help resolve the issue.

Use this link to learn how to delete your cookies.

When will i receive my confirmation email with my password?

After you submit your payment on the checkout page, you should immediately receive a confirmation email with your login information and password. Please be sure to check your spam box. If you think you typed in your email address incorrectly when signing up please contact us explaining your situation. You can also click the login button, type in the email address you used when registering, click forgot password, and your password will be resent to your account.

I cannot see the practice test after clicking the ‘Take Test’ button?

Our quiz platform launches in a new window and may either be hidden behind your other windows or blocked by a popup blocker. Minimize your windows and check your popup blocker settings.

Use this link to learn how to disable your browser’s popup blockers.

Are your questions from the actual exam?

Due to copyright laws, we can not use questions from the actual exams.  However, our content experts have written questions in the same style while covering the same content, so that you will be comfortable when taking the actual exam.

How much time do I need to spend studying?

The amount of preparation time needed changes from test to test and from person to person.  Generally when you’ve scored an 80% or higher on all of our practice exams, you are ready to go!

I want to extend my subscription, how can I do this?

After signing in to your account, there is an option to extend your subscription.

Will I be charged a recurring payment?

After your initial payment, we do not charge recurring payments.  If you would like to extend your subscription, there is an option to extend when you sign in.

How do I access the practice tests?

After logging in you should directed to the members home page  where you will see the products you have signed up for.  At the bottom of each of the product windows is a link section with links to the test portals.  That link will bring you to the test portal page with ‘Full Length’ and ‘Focus Quiz’ buttons which when clicked will launch our practice test platform in a new window. (Note: This window may be hidden behind other internet browsing windows you have open. Your Pop-Up Blocker may be blocking it as well.)

Remember to review all of your questions and answers before closing the window.  After you have closed the test window, we only save your scores.

Are the mobile applications included in my purchase?

Unfortunately there isn’t a mechanism currently built to integrate the online and mobile systems. We are working on a way to package the two products together, but unfortunately they are separate purchases for the time being. You can however access your account on any mobile device through any web-browser application.

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