We are here to support the medical community to facilitate their study so that they can pass certification exams with ease and focus more on their passion, serving the patients who depend on their services.


The MedPreps founding team aimed to tackle a big problem for aspiring medical professionals: study materials for medical certification exams were either very expensive or unavailable for most medical certification exams. A number of sites on the web offer some practice questions and review guides for select medical certification exams, however this material is often poorly written and far from comprehensive, and can be misleading for those studying to pass an exam with very specific requirements. MedPreps was launched in early 2010 to offer an affordable, comprehensive, and trusted source for medical professionals to turn to for study material.


MedPreps practice tests and study material are available exclusively online.  If you have made your way to this page, you are just a few clicks away from access to study material for the test of your choice. Our material is available through all computers, as well as on tablets and smart phones. We offer both a stimulating testing environment with full length practice exams and focus quizzes, as well as detailed reporting which lets you track your progress and identify areas you need to improve.