Interview Prep: What makes you better than other candidates?

interview best candidate phlebotomyQ: What makes you better than the other candidates?

The Strategy:

Simple. Be HUMBLE!!!! Did I say that loud enough? If you decided to go the arrogant route you will not be getting a job offer. Nobody likes someone who thinks that they are better than everybody else. Let’s face it you are not qualified to comment on the other candidates. Don’t go on a rant about how you killed the phlebotomy exam on your first try and are smarter than everyone else.  You really have no idea what the other candidates have done to prepare for this position. You are qualified to tell the panel why you would be a good choice. The panel is first looking for your humility and what character traits and skills you posses that make you a good fit for their organization. This is a good place to use one or two of the strengths from the list you have in your mind. You can also mention facts that apply such as, I have lived in this community my entire life and I know the culture well. Mention your education and experience but do not speak on this too long because you probably have already talked about this in other questions.


I am really not qualified to speak on the qualities of the other candidates. I am sure that all the candidates have worked hard to get here today. What I can tell you is that I am excited to convey why I am a good choice and fit for your organization. I am sure I have very similar educational experience as the other candidates. I completed my Fire Science degree in the spring of 2008 and from there went right into Paramedic school. I received my Paramedic in the spring of 2009. (Add in here any other education you have). I have been a volunteer firefighter since the summer of 2007 and in that time I have been an active volunteer. I have attended many drills and several firefighter conferences throughout the state. In my time as a volunteer I have sought out and picked the brains of many of the senior people in the organization and that has been invaluable to me. I have been a member of this community my entire life and I am very familiar with the culture. Where I am hoping to distinguish myself is in my character. I am a humble person who will show up each day with my mouth shut and my ears open. I am diligent and will pursue my studies with passion. I posses perspective and will not forget that I am privileged to be part of this organization. I am honest and you can trust that I will do the right thing when I am in the public eye or not. Finally, I am generous and am always available to support my fire department family.