interview success

Interview Question: How do you define success?

interview successQ: How do you define success?

The Strategy

This question can be a trap. You must not come across as arrogant. Avoid statements like, “I usually succeed in everything that I do”.   Or “I passed the massage practice test on my first try.”  Stay away from saying things like, “Failure is not an option for me”. You need to understand that there are different types of success. You have personal success and you have organizational success. The important thing to remember is that both types of success take support players to make it successful. I inform the panel that personal success is fulfilling however with organizational success you find a greater fulfillment because it takes a team to pull it off. I mention that success to me is how well I am influencing others toward greatness. This attitude is invaluable in an organization such as a fire department. Your attitude can infect the organization and lead the entire organization higher.


To me success is an attitude. Let me explain. The way I see it there are two types of success, personal success and organizational success. Personal success indicates that I do it by myself whereas organizational success takes a team. The truth is that rarely do we succeed at anything by ourselves. Personally I have had the greatest fulfillment when I have worked with a team toward a common goal. This is really what organizational success is all about. When I say that success is an attitude I mean that I understand what my role is in the fire department organization. My attitude says that I can find success when I am influencing those in my sphere of influence positively. If I am influencing those around me in the organization positively, in turn they will influence those in their spheres. This attitude of success can infect an entire organization. The important thing to remember here is that even as a new hire it is my responsibility to be a positive influence on my sphere even if that is just my immediate crew or other new hires. I pledge to do this.