5 Great Ways To Test Your Fitness

Physical fitness refers to a state of the body which is able to function normally when subjected to highly or moderately strenuous body activities. A body that is physically fit is often able to endure long hours of engaging in vigorous training or any strenuous activities such as running and lifting heavy objects. When you are physically fit, you tend to manage any kind of reasonable stressful activity. Suppose you have been training for many months but you hardly know whether you are physically fit or not, how can you ascertain your body’s level of physical fitness? The following five tips to test your fitness will prove to be beneficial in this area.

How To Test The Fitness Of The Upper Body

First of all, you have to ascertain what you are testing. In other words, you need to know which part of the body you are testing for fitness. For example, testing the body for upper strength is often achieved by doing pushups. The number of pushups that you will be able to endure within a certain time frame will determine your upper body strength. This activity is meant for examining the strength that lies in the shoulders, triceps and chest.

fitness-testHave A Timer

For most of the test methods that involve the testing of the body’s endurance abilities, it is often advisable to use a timer. You can use any reliable stop watch to accurately calculate your ability to endure a certain physical exercise. For example, you can use a timer when testing the strength of the upper muscles through the use of the pushup method. If setting and monitoring the time is not easy for you, try to seek help from another person.

Testing The Fitness Of The Core Muscles (Located In The Abdominal Plank)

Core muscles are a group of muscles that are mainly responsible for stabilizing various body parts such as the abdomen, internal obliques and the glutes. In general, the core muscles are particularly localized in the torso. To ascertain the fitness of the abdominal plank, you need to assume the position for doing press ups. But, this time remain stagnant in that position while distributing your body weight between the shoulders and keeping the legs apart. The distance between the legs is supposed to be as long as the width of the waist or slightly more. Otherwise, your fitness test results will be inaccurate.

Testing The Pull

The pull is not often regarded as an important way to test for the body’s upper strength. But, it is an important method that you can substitute for the push up method. This method is used to ascertain the strength of the latissimi dorsi which are commonly referred to as the lats. These are the large muscles that are found in the back of the upper body. They spread out to the sides of the upper body.

Testing The Lower Body Strength

Once you have managed to ascertain your upper body strength, you can proceed to determine your lower body strength. This is usually far easier than it is when testing the upper body strength. To ascertain the endurance levels of the muscles in the legs, you can use a simple technique which is a replica of sitting on a chair. However, you have to be sitting in the air this time around. While in that position, try to endure for as long as you can. Using a timer, you can determine the endurance of your lower muscles. Running or walking as fast as possible is another perfect way to determine the strength that lies in the lower muscles.