Choosing A Medical Training Program

choosing-training-programA number of schools throughout the United States of America offer medical training programs. When you are deciding on which one to invest in, make sure you choose one that is accredited. Once you find a program, go to the institution’s website, or contact the program director to answer specific questions. Here are some sample questions you might want to ask:

  • What are the tuition costs and financial aid options?
  • What are the academic prerequisites?
  • How long does it take to complete the program?
  • What specific topics are covered?
  • What does the practicum involve?

NRCME Training Programs

NRCME training programs are required for all DOT medical examiners by April 2012.  The FMCSA is not providing or facilitating training programs, but rather allowing private companies and institutions to administer approved training programs.  Every individual that will be performing DOT exams is required to take the training, as opposed to just one medical examiner per group.

The training groups are run independently, and are permitted to set their own fees.  Fees thus far have ranged between $700-$1000 for the course.  Some courses are in classrooms, while others are available online or on mobile devices and tablets.  These organizations will receive no reimbursement from the FMCSA.  There is no specific wording for the training certificate.

Currently we recommend the course providing by Training Systems LLC.  The course is available now for the price of $695, and can be taken at your own pace online or on tablet.  We have spoken with the doctor who runs the company, and he is a very experienced DOT examiner and practitioner who has done a great job communicating with the NRCME and developing a comprehensive training program.