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A Dietitian Reminiscing

During my sophomore year at Saint Louis University, my fellow culinary students and I attended an Advanced Meat Analysis class. Each day, we rolled up our jacket sleeves, grabbed hold of our boning knives, and peered apprehensively at the animals on our cutting boards.

Cafeteria Classroom

Tucked away unsuspectingly in one of Saint Louis’s most historic neighborhoods is a school unlike any other. The school cafeteria is more than just a fueling stop; it is a classroom.

Schools Need More Dietitians

Last November, I and my fellow Saint Louis University Dietetic Interns trekked to Boston for the annual Food and Nutrition Conference Exposition. The conference offered dozens of lectures to choose from and I easily gravitated towards those pertaining to my central interests: child nutrition and school lunch.

Getting an RD Job Part 1

The Mills Brothers knew what was up—getting a job! Throughout the internship, a handful of my dietetics friends knew exactly what they wanted to do as an RD; others still have no idea. The awesome part of our field is that it is so diverse.

Advice From A Dietitian

Although I am now on the “other side” of the much discussed RD exam, I was in your same seat just a few months ago, busily studying my flashcards and taking practice tests. In hindsight, the exam was rather anticlimactic.