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Interview Question: How do you define integrity?

You need to make this question your own. Everyone has a set of values that guide their behavior, so it is necessary that you know what those are going into your interview. You need to know what your core values are so take some time to write some down and think on them before your interview. I like to talk about how I have

Interview Question: Is diversity important in the fire service?

The key to this question is to not focus on race in your answer. The question is asking about diversity but it is not stated as racial diversity. It is proper to acknowledge race in your answer but the focus should be on the diversity of talents and gifts found in the people that make up any organization. If the department has a set of core values you can reflect on how core values

Interview Question: What are your strengths?

xpect this question in one of its forms. This is yet another question where with preparation you will stand above the rest of the candidates. The key here is simple. Don’t say the same thing as every other candidate. For this question, interviewers continually hear the same answers. There is nothing wrong with the answers that are

Interview Question: What is your greatest weakness?

The dreaded weakness question has been known to take down the best candidate. You will have to be prepared for this one or you are doomed to stare blankly at the interviewer or worse yet, state that you have no weakness. I employ a strategy here that will leave the panel awestruck and not even remember that you gave them a specific

Interview Question: What do you know about our department?

Houston we have lift off. You hear this question and you instantly light up because you have prepared well for this. The key here is preparation. If you are willing to put some time into researching the department you want to work for you will rise above the rest. You will need to glean information from

Interview Question: What Have You Done To Prepare For This Position?

This is a big one. You will need to show passion and humility. If you are not careful you will come off as arrogant. This is your chance to showcase your education and certifications. This is a place where you can really separate yourself from the others. This is the question where you will present an article that no other candidate will have. You will present your written action plan (example below). An example of an action plan is below. You need to tell the panel that goals are only goals if you write them

Interview Question: Tell Us About Yourself

Question: Tell Us About Yourself. Strategy There is one key and one key only on this one. DO NOT VOMIT. That is, do not regurgitate your entire interview in question one. This question is designed to get you warmed up and put you at ease. You will have the rest of the interview to impress […]

Preparing for the Interview: Self Examination

Before you can begin to formulate answers to interview questions you must understand who you are. Not many people spend the time to sit down and think about who they are, let alone write it down. Take some time to answer the questions below. The information you write down about yourself will begin to help […]

Happy Interview Technique: Humility

News flash!! You are not the greatest thing since sliced bread. Big deal, you passed the NASM exam. Yawn… you completed Paramedic training and are now certified. ZZZZZZZZ… you attended this conference and that conference. Get over yourself