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Treating Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a wide and complex sector of medicine, with a large number of treatment areas in which physicians use their skills to help people with a physical dependency. The multifaceted nature of a problem like addiction means that a given addict may require a number of different forms of treatment, such as pharmaceutical […]

Interview Question: Do you have anything in closing?

This is the last chance to impress the interviewer. No time to retake the NASM test and shove a better score in their faceIf you have waited until now to do it then you are in trouble. You must remain humble and thankful. Refrain from asking questions. Your answer should be 1-2 minutes in length. This is a chance to show you are passionate and articulate. Avoid begging or

Interview Question: How do you deal with stress?

This is a very common question and yet another chance for you to shine. It is no big surprise that firefighting/EMS is a very stressful profession. Telling the panel something they already know will not set you apart. Further, many candidates say similar things. Typically candidates will list activities like exercise, prayer, meditation, or talking with a good

Interview Question: What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

Customer service is certainly not a new concept to the pharmacy technician community. If you have ever worked retail in your life you probably had this concept beat into your head. Have you ever heard that the customer is always right? I am sure you have. This concept has been co-opted by the ptcb and pharmtech industry as well. It makes some

Interview Question: What is more important, Fire or EMS?

A candidate that I recently mentored was asked this question and was blindsided by it. It is a question that can bring to the surface any bias you may have and quickly sink you. To answer this question you need to know a little about how a city funds fire and how EMS raises funds. Also, you must show that you have some

Interview Question: How do you handle difficulty in the pharmacy?

The strategy here is to let the interviewer know that in conflict there are things you can control and things that you cannot, especially in a pharmacy setting. One thing you can control in conflicts is your emotions. In essence you can exercise self-control. Trying to control someone else’s feelings is a losing battle and not

Interview Question: Multiple Orders

This is basically a conflict question, however, it will put to the test your knowledge of the fire service and how we operate on the fire ground. If you have been around the fire service for any amount of time you know the importance of accountability. Most departments have some sort of accountability system

Interview Question: Firefighter situation and how do you respond?

This is a very targeted question. They could have just asked “What would you do if you saw someone cheating on the civil service exam,” but they want to see how you react to a more ambiguous field situation. The panel is looking for a few things when asking this question. They are trying to determine how you will react when you think you

Interview Prep: What makes you better than other candidates?

Simple. Be HUMBLE!!!! Did I say that loud enough? If you decided to go the arrogant route you will not be getting a job offer. Nobody likes someone who thinks that they are better than everybody else. Let’s face it you are not qualified to comment on the other candidates. Dont go on a rant about how you